Together for a more sustainable world

At Beijer Ref Denmark, we work collaboratively with the entire Beijer Ref Group to actively reduce our environmental impact and promote social responsibility through various ESG - Environment, Social, and Governance - initiatives.

We aim to make a positive impact on both people and the planet through innovative solutions and ethical practices.

Read more about the Beijer Ref Group's overall ESG initiatives here

Annual report and sustainability report 2023

You can also read the Beijer Ref Group's annual report and sustainability report for 2023 here

When employees are part of the solutions

Our dedicated ESG efforts: Focus on sustainability and value creation

Our commitment to ESG is actively driving exciting projects forward. We have conducted a double materiality assessment, which has helped us identify and prioritize relevant issues within our organization and value chains that we can address. Continuously, we launch value-creating initiatives to ensure that our ESG efforts continue to generate value.